About Us

Who We Are & How We Got Started

Prior to the COVID pandemic we had been working for other greenhouse companies. When the world became chaotic and uncertain, we decided it was time to go work for ourselves. That is how American Glass and Metal Works LLC was created. This allowed us to make our own decisions and rely on ourselves in a time that so much was unknown. It would also allow us to spend valuable time with our family.

We are a small company that is veteran owned and family operated. We have many years of sales, project management and installation experience making us a go to company for greenhouse/conservatory design and installation.

Our owner and employees have a lot of hands on experience with Florian greenhouses and have built a great relationship with the company.  We believe everyone is like family from clients to employees.  We will do everything we can to help make your experience with us a happy one!

Fun Facts About Us

We have 2 Cane Corso’s: a 3.5 year old female named Daisy and a 5 month old boy named Duke.


Our owner is a United States Marine Corps Veteran.


We love the outdoors and snorkeling. We are always looking for our next adventure.


We have one son who is 9 and he is a rockstar at playing the piano.

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