Professional Installation

Greenhouse Installation

Have you recently purchased a Florian greenhouse or are you planning to purchase one? We are unique in the fact that we offer professional greenhouse installation from our very own in-house installers. We do not just provide you with a list of installation companies like some places. Our installers have years of experience and have constructed 100’s of greenhouses all over the US. 

Did you purchase a greenhouse and did your general contractor start installing it, only to suddenly stop? Did they discover that it is outside their comfort zone, and they refuse to finish it? This is an all too familiar situation we encounter very often. Greenhouses/glass structures are unique structures and often require contractors that have experience to correctly install them, or it can lead to issues down the road.  

Our install crew is more than happy to work with you and your contractors. We will help to answer any questions they have when preparing the site for your new Florian Unit. From foundation to utilities there are a lot of aspects to consider when preparing. We will take the time to explain our process and what we need to ensure a successful installation. The best part? The installer you speak with will be the same person who shows up to your installation.


Green House Installs

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