Greenhouse Design and Sales

Do you have a green thumb, or are you trying to develop one? Are plants overtaking your house and you need a space for them? Do you live in an area that gets colder in the winter and you need somewhere to feel like outside while still inside and warm surrounded by plants? Is a greenhouse, conservatory or solarium something you have always wanted? If any of these sound like you, we can help! We have many years of greenhouse, conservatory and solarium design experience. We can help you choose a location, pick accessories and answer any foundation questions you or your contractor may have.

Our sales team understand the importance of airflow, temperature control and lighting. We can help cater the design to your climate and intended use.

We are proud to work with greenhouse manufacturers who has over seventy years of expertise in glass and aluminum design and manufacturing. Florian manufactures the finest solariums on the market. The addition of a sun-room is an investment that adds value to a house or business. Greenhouses, conservatories and solariums are a refreshing design that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but have a healthful aspect since light fights depression. With unlimited sizes and configurations, Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass applications. We are pleased to offer the Sierra, Monarch and Geneva style units. Contact us today to discuss which option is right for you.

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Green House Services

We provide a wide range of services. From sales, to renovations, to installation. We are are your go to greenhouse comapny.

New Installs

Have a greenhouse and need it installed? We have a history installing Florians’ greenhouses all over the US. Our great relationship and experience with the company helps us makes us a preferred installer. Call us today to get a quote to install your project.

Custom Designs

Are your windowsills overflowing, or do you want to take your gardening skills to the next level? Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team can help turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today so we can get started designing your space!


Unfortunately greenhouses can need some TLC and maintenance from time to time. We are are here to address any concerns or makes any needed repairs to your existing Florian structure.